This semi-detached home build in St. Thomas is made possible by our volunteers, donors, community partners, and of course, our homeowners.

94 Scott Street will be home to single mother Shayna, her children Jackson and Jordyn, and their live-in babysitter Raige. Shayna has been a line operator for four years and is working towards becoming an industrial electrician. Finances have always been tight for their family, and they have had to overcome some major obstacles together.

“Every time we had some money saved up, something unexpected would happen,” says Shayna. “Last year my daughter was in an accident which required me to take time off work. This year I was informed I was fighting cancer, and I did have to take some time off work again. We have never really caught a break. Until now. Our current home is overcrowded, but we’ve been making it work. We are very grateful for this opportunity to have some more space and own our home!”

This home was sponsored by FM96 London – a CORUS station

Build Partners Steering Committee