Habitat Heartland Announces Homeowners for St. Thomas Build!

Habitat Heartland is thrilled to announce the two new homeowners for our build in St. Thomas! 92 Scott Street will be home to Teagan and her son Dante. Shayna, her children Jackson and Jordyn, and their live-in babysitter Raige will live at 94 Scott Street. This semi-detached home build in St. Thomas is made possible by our volunteers, donors, community partners, and of course, our homeowners.

Habitat Heartland partners with eligible low-income families and individuals to build and buy affordable homes through a no-downpayment, no-interest, geared to income mortgage. This solution not only helps to provide access to affordable housing, it enables low-income earners to build assets, reduce their dependence on other forms of social assistance and build strength, stability and self-reliance. Shayna and Teagan will work with Habitat Heartland to set themselves up for a successful future, and purchase a safe, decent, and affordable new home for their families.

Teagan’s Story

“I am a single mother of my beautiful 4-year-old son, Dante. I’ve been a Personal Support Worker for 10 years working in a long-term care home. In April of 2018, I separated from my son’s father.  I was unable to find affordable housing for my son and myself, which meant we were pretty much living pay cheque to pay cheque.  

I am very grateful to my mother for allowing us to move in with her.  However, my son and I sleep on different floors in her home which is not ideal.  We would really like to find a place to call our own. 

This opportunity means the world to my son and me.  It means a permanent home. My son has been so excited telling anyone who listens about our new house. My son will be proud to call it his home and bring friends over to play in a safe environment. I’m eternally grateful to have the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity.”  

Teagan’s family will live in 92 Scott Street, sponsored by 94.1 myFM St. Thomas.

Shayna’s Story

“I am a working single mom of 2 beautiful young children, Jackson and Jordyn.  I have been a line operator for the past 4 years. After attending college in 2019, I am currently working towards becoming an industrial electrician. 

We have always had tight finances. Every time we had some money saved up, something unexpected would happen. Last year my daughter was in an accident which required me to take time off work. This year I was informed I was fighting cancer, and although I worked through the majority of my treatment, my body could not handle it and I did have to take some time off work again. We have never really caught a break. Until now. 

We welcomed Raige into the family initially because he needed somewhere to live, and I needed a babysitter, so we made an agreement that if he went back to school, and would be here for the kids while I work, he could live here rent free. Since then, he has really become part of our family. We are glad to have him here. Our current home is overcrowded, but we’ve been making it work. We are very grateful for this opportunity to have some more space, and own our home!”

Shayna’s family will live in 94 Scott Street, the “House That FM96 Built Part 2” sponsored by FM96 London

Thank you for helping Shayna and Teagan achieve affordable homeownership in St. Thomas.